Devon – Manager

Devon started at the Northampton Veterinary Clinic as a Receptionist back in 2004 and worked her way up to Clinic Administrator, Assistant Manager and finally Hospital Manager in 2021. She grew up locally in Easthampton and majored in Studio Art with a special interest in Mathematics at Smith College. She later became a Certified Nail Technician before finding her love in the veterinary field. She loves all the relationships she has formed with the clients over the years.

Devon lives with her husband David, and daughter Charley. She also shares her home with her two rescues an Aruban street dog named Dexter, and kitty Pua. In her spare time she is an avid crocheter. She also still enjoys doing nails and loves practicing her nail art skills.

Technical Staff

Jocelyn – Lead Technician

Jocelyn joined our team in 2019. She grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to Holyoke in 2012 to pursue a career in animal science. She obtained an Associate of Science degree from Holyoke Community College and has gained technical experience through working at several veterinary hospitals. Her professional interests include wellness, behavior and preventative care. Jocelyn is always the first to lend a hand at our hospital with a smile.

In her free time, she enjoys reading and attending live music concerts. She lives with her 2-year-old kitty Tom Brady and her newly adopted special needs kitty Forest Whitaker. Her goal is to treat our client’s fur babies as she treats her own!



Kim joined our practice as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2008.  Kim is a 1994 graduate of UMass Amherst where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science.  Kim has a special interest in surgery and anesthesia as well as pain management.  In 2009, she became a member of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management.  It is important to Kim to support the human+animal bond and to help in making the lives of animals better.

Kim lives with her partner, three sons, as well as three incredible dogs and four fabulous felines.  Outside of work, she loves spending family time Lego building, as well as kayaking, hiking, cooking and reading.


Jennifer – Surgery Liaison

Jennifer is a Certified Veterinary Technician who graduated from Holyoke Community College in 1984 with an Associate’s Degree in Animal Science and has been employed by the Northampton Veterinary Clinic since. She feels fortunate in having gotten to know so many of the clients and patients over the years. She shares her life with her husband Jeff and their daughter Paige. Her four legged family includes a rescued Chihuahua mix named Tupelo and two cats, Pixel and Sepia.

Jennifer likes to spend time with her family, gardening, listening to music, and attending tag sales.

Chris – Technical Training Coordinator

Chris is a Certified Veterinary Technician with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from the University of Massachusetts where she graduated in 1993. She rejoined the Northampton Veterinary Clinic team in 2000 after working for four years in the Critical Care unit of Rowley Memorial Animal Hospital in Springfield. She has a special interest in dentistry and ultrasound.

Chris lives with her husband, son Keaton, and daughter Sierra. She also shares her home with two cats, Rose and Pip, and two dogs, a long-haired Chihuahua mix named Remy, and a rescued Chihuahua named Ferris. She enjoys hiking, exercising, and spending time with her family.



Beverly received her Associates Degree from the Holyoke Community College Veterinary and Animal Science department in 1983 and has been working at the Northampton Veterinary Clinic since January of 1984. She lives with her husband Andy, as well as 4 cats: Bessie, Skittles, Petunia Tantoes, and Buttercup, and one dog Porchie – a rescue from Hurricane Katrina. Bev’s son, Matthew is in the U.S. Navy.

Beverly is especially proud of having raised and found homes for over 100 orphaned kittens. She is a huge advocate of shelter adoption and spaying and neutering all pets. Her special interests outside of work include traveling to warm destinations, taking long walks in the woods with Porchie and teaching water aerobics at the YMCA.


Misty graduated from Holyoke Community College in 2001 with an Associate’s Degree in Animal Science. She has been part of the Northampton Veterinary Clinic team since January 2000. She shares her home with her son, a dog and two cats.

Misty says she loves working for a veterinary clinic where she can be proud of the quality care and compassion given to both patients and clients. She has helped to raise many litters of stray kittens and always finds wonderful homes for them.

Outside of work she enjoys playing sports with her son, going to Six Flags, hiking, biking, running, camping and finding new places to visit.


Shyla grew up in Belchertown, but moved to North Carolina after receiving her BS in Animal Science and a minor in Wildlife Conservation at the University of Massachusetts. There she volunteered at Fort Fisher Aquarium and worked at an Animal Emergency Hospital. She returned to Massachusetts and became a Certified Veterinary Technician at Holyoke Community College. Her professional interests are Wildlife Conservation and Rehab. Shyla lives in South Hadley with her husband Mark, her son Wesley, her two dogs Arrow – a Sheltie and Mei – a Dachshund. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, live music, Zumba, walking her dogs and family time.



Jeileen joined our team in 2017. She grew up in Springfield and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Technology from Mount Ida College in 2012. She worked at an animal hospital in the Worcester area before moving back to Western, MA. Jeileen has special interests in anesthesia and surgery.

Jeileen shares her life with her husband Gary and her two dogs Rusty and Caden. In her spare time she teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Client Care Team



Robin studied cosmetology and has been a licensed hairdresser for twenty years. She joined our team because of her love for animals. She enjoys seeing all the pets come into the clinic and trying to ease their nerves while with us – the kisses she gets from them are an added bonus!

Robin lives with her husband of more than 30 years as well as two dogs and six cats. She has two daughters, Katie and Jessie, as well as three grandsons. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her grandkids and camping.

Karin – Assistant Lead

Karin joined our team in September of 2016. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 2014 with a BS in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation. Before beginning work with companion animals, she spent a year interning at a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Karin lives with her partner Jared, her daughter Soleil, and her two cats Grey & Severus. She enjoys hiking, running, camping, and spending time with her family.


Bri grew up in Orlando, Florida, where she fostered an immense love for animals, Disney, and the arts. She moved to western Massachusetts in 2016 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in biology and music, which she earned from Smith College in May 2020. Throughout college, she interned at AZA certified and accredited zoos and sanctuaries across the United States, including the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Texas and the Roosevelt Park Zoo in North Dakota. She has a special love for cats of all sizes, and hopes to return to sanctuary, wildlife rehabilitation, and conservation work in the future.

Bri joined the Northampton Veterinary Clinic team in April 2021, where she is working as a vet assistant and receptionist. Her favorite part of working at NVC is seeing the office cats and all of the beautiful kitties that come in to see us every day.

Outside of work, Bri lives with her fiancé Joe, their four cats Pepper, Princess, Tchaicatsky, and Smoked Sausage (pictured above), and their dog Twinkie. In her free time, she enjoys video games, true crime, horror movies, the color pink, and anything to do with cats.


Rachel grew up in Easthampton, where she attended Easthampton High School. Throughout her childhood, she was always surrounded by animals, and she had the pleasure of fostering dogs with her family as well. Unsurprisingly, she now harbors a deep love for animals of all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Rachel is currently attending UMass for their pre-vet program, and plans to go to veterinary school after she earns her Bachelor’s. Outside of school and work, she lives with her mom, dad, niece, and their big animal family, which consists of two dogs, Stellaluna and Teddie, a bunny named Otto, a bird named Jasper, and some chickens to round out the crew! When she isn’t playing with her dogs, she can be found kayaking, hiking, and working out.


Although Steph grew up in Berkshire County, she found her way to the Pioneer Valley for college. While here, she began working at the Dakin Humane Society, where she provided love and support to animals and their newfound humans for five years. In 2020, she earned a Bachelor’s in Biology through the University of Arizona (with help from her kitty Gigi, of course!).

Steph’s life and professional experience have led her to be extremely passionate about client education, welfare for shelter animals, and providing compassionate, high-quality care to people and animals alike. She brings these passions to the Northampton Veterinary Clinic, and makes sure all the clients and patients she helps out receive the highest standard of care.

After she finishes work for the day, Steph comes home to her partner and four fierce feline companions, Whisper, Mellow, Gigi, and Monch. She relaxes by reading, writing, gardening, and baking some of the best cookies this side of the Mill River!


Patrick joined Northampton Veterinary Clinic in December of 2020 after working in shelter medicine and veterinary emergency. He grew up in Western Mass, and after moving around the country for a few years after high school, has settled back into the area with his partner and his 4 cats and 8 chickens. He enjoys videogames, tabletop gaming, long boarding, cycling, hiking, and building computers.

Bubba Gump


Bubba joined the Northampton Veterinary Clinic in December of 2008.  Originally he was up for adoption, but soon his personality won over our staff and we decided to keep him as a member or our family.  Bubba certainly gets into a fair share of mischief and he can often be found terrorizing our staff while sitting on a chair.  We love him anyway!



Howard will forever be our official mascot despite him sadly passing away in July of 2014 at the age of 19. You can see him in his younger years as the tour guide for the Northampton Veterinary Clinic- he was well qualified since he spent 19 years observing veterinary medicine. He was very involved in our day to day operations by attending all staff meetings and daily rounds, but what he liked most about working in a veterinary clinic was the ability to laze around, getting compliments and eating treats on demand. He even had his own office with a couch, bay windows and his own mug. He was known to leave the building on more than one occasion by climbing into the carrier of an unsuspecting patient. He was not a hunter and preferred instead to munch on grass, or occasionally a small piece of plain donut. We miss him terribly and he will be forever in our hearts.


Mr. P

Mr. P accidentally joined the NVC Family in May of 2017. Originally up for adoption through TJO, this guy definitely stole the hearts and flesh of our staff (since we learned pretty early on, he has a nibbling habit!) You can find him lounging in reception on a chair or chasing peacock feathers around the clinic after hours.