Your companion’s mouth is a very important part of their overall health. At your annual exam the veterinarian will examine their dental health and discuss any at home dental care options. Sometimes preventative measures at home are not enough and a professional cleaning is needed. A dental cleaning is done while your companion is under anesthesia. This allows our very skilled technicians to clean deep under the gum line where periodontal disease lives.

We are also able to take digital radiographs of examine problems under the gum line and identify teeth that need to be extracted. Our technicians perform scaling and polishing while our veterinarians



perform a full oral exam and any necessary oral surgery. Your companion is closely monitored and supported by intravenous fluids. Pre-surgical bloodwork is strongly recommended for all patients and is mandatory for patients over six years old. Because we feel so strongly about dental care we celebrate Dental Health Month and offer a 15% discount on the dental prophylaxis during the months of January and February. Attached are general estimates that give a more comprehensive outline to the procedure.

Canine Dental Estimate

Feline Dental Estimate

Teeth Cleaning without Anesthesia – TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
Regular dental care is so important for our cats and dogs. The majority of our companion animals over the age of three suffer from periodontal disease. You may notice bad breath, red gums, or tartar on your pet’s teeth. Untreated dental disease can progress and lead to serious health consequences. Just as people get their teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis; our pets should also have professional dental care on a regular basis.

The Northampton Veterinary Clinic is thrilled to announce that our hospital will now be offering teeth cleaning without anesthesia. This exciting new dental service will provide high quality dental care to our patients on a proactive and preventative level. These procedures are offered by Animal Dental Care through our hospital. A specially trained veterinary dental hygienist will perform an in-depth examination, thoroughly clean your companion’s teeth above and below the gum line, and polish the teeth to smooth the enamel. You will receive a detailed dental chart of your pet’s mouth. After your procedure, we will discuss steps you can take at home to maintain your pet’s oral health. This procedure is intended for dogs and cats that have overall healthy mouths with mild to moderate amounts of tarter on their teeth.

Moveable, fractured, infected, or resorbing teeth will require an anesthetic procedure to be appropriately addressed. If any of these problems are identified during a non anesthetic teeth cleaning we will discuss further options to address these concerns. These issues are often hard to identify on exam and thus as many as one third of patients undergoing teeth cleaning without anesthesia will be referred for a full anesthesia dental. By providing this preventative care for your pet, we can decrease the incidence and length of anesthetic dental procedures required.
Not all companion animals are good candidates for this procedure, while some companions may benefit from a mild sedative to relax them for this service. Please schedule a pre-dental appointment with one of our doctors to assess the severity of dental disease, assess the need of sedation, and to see if you’re pet qualifies for this procedure.

Teeth Cleaning without Anesthesia: Cost: Initial Teeth Cleaning without Anesthesia $190
If a sedative injection is needed for your companion’s comfort the cost is an additional $30
Follow up Cleanings (every 3-6 months) $100-$140

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Scheduling: Right now we are booking the animal dental care hygienist for one day every other month. We can either schedule your companion for an appointment (you would wait about 30 minutes) or you can drop your companion off in the morning or afternoon to be hospitalized for a couple of hours.