Heartworm disease is transmitted from the bite of a mosquito and, as the name suggests, affects the heart. If your pet is infected, it can take up to 6 months to test positive for heartworm disease, or to show any symptoms.

Unfortunately, once diagnosed with heartworm disease the treatments are quite expensive, include months of confinement, and often are painful for the patient.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to prevent this disease: by giving heartworm prevention once monthly year round. This medication is only available through your veterinarian.

Yearly heartworm testing is recommended and performed by a blood test. It does not present in the feces of pets; like intestinal parasites.

Easy heartworm prevention medications include oral and topical options:
⦁ Oral: Heartgard, Tri-Heart, Sentinel
⦁ Topical: Advantage Multi, Revolution

These medications are based on weight and available as single doses. When your pet is full grown, 6- and 12-month packs are available. Please ask your veterinarian which product is appropriate for your pet as some pets with specific allergies are recommended to use certain brands.