Mission Rabies 2017

Did you know that every 9 minutes a child dies of rabies? In fact close to 60,000 people die of rabies every year, and 95% of these cases are a result of dog bites.

It is no wonder people, driven by fear, resort to inhumane and indiscriminate killing of dogs to try to control this devastating disease.

But there is another option. Mission Rabies is a non-profit organization with the goal of eliminating rabies in dogs by 2030. The approach is extremely effective. In highly affected areas, 70% of the dogs are vaccinated for rabies two years in a row. A stable vaccinated population is proven to eliminate rabies in prescribed areas, protecting dogs and humans alike.

Northampton Veterinary Clinic uses the Novibac Rabies vaccine (Merck) for dogs and every time a vaccine is purchased, one is donated to Mission Rabies.

In November, Dr. Ellie Shelburne will be volunteering for Mission Rabies in Goa, India. For two weeks she will be vaccinating and helping care for owned and street dogs. She is very excited to be supporting such an important project!

Want to know more? Go to MissionRabies.com or find them on facebook at facebook.com/MissionRabies.

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