Cat claws can be sharp, both on skin and on furniture. Cats can and should learn not to use their claws on either of these surfaces. Never encourage a cat, especially a young one, to play rough with hands or feet. Instead, offer your kitty a toy to kick and claw.

If your cat complains as you clip the claw, make sure you’re not doing it too closely to the nerve. Talk to her softly as you go, reward for each nail she lets you clip. At first, you may only get a few nails done, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get all of them in one sitting.

Clipping Kitty Claws
Apply light pressure to the toe to expose the nail. Trim the nail little by little. If you trim the nail back to far it will bleed. You can apply Qwick Stop or Corn Starch to the tip of the nail to stop the bleeding.