We Have Moved!!!

We are now located at:
190 Nonotuck St., Suite 105
Northampton, MA 01062 (Florence Area)

We will be closed Saturday February 11th and Monday February 13th to prepare for your arrival!
For Emergencies on Saturday and Monday please call the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital in South Deerfield at 413-665-4911.
We will be open on Tuesday February 14th at 8am.

slideNew location in the Florence Medical Building, our private entrance will be on the left hand side
Our goal is to enhance our client and patient experience, which we anticipate the new larger location will enable us to do. The new space needs extensive remodeling so we are anticipating moving early next year. We will be developing a “Construction Updates” page so you can join us throughout our remodeling progress. We are always available to answer any questions, so feel free to call. We look forward to you coming on this exciting journey with us.

The Doctors & Staff at The Northampton Veterinary Clinic

190 Nonotuck
View from Nonotuck St


Construction Updates


January 23, 2017

We are getting closer! The cabinets are complete as well as the floors. Our new counter-tops are almost done and every day new finishing touches go up. Back at South Street we are trying to figure out how to move everything in a very large coordinated effort. Please pardon our appearance as we start packing items away in preparation for the move. You may even notice that we removed our specialty cabinet knobs so they can be put them up at the new location.


January 2017

Cabinets, paint and a cat adoption area…oh my!! The cabinets have been installed and are awaiting counter tops. Having some color on the walls is such an improvement. The cat waiting area is getting closer to being finished. We also have a cat adoption window to house the cats that go through our Helping Paws Fund. Our first day at the new location will be February 14th. We will be closed February 11th & 13th in order to move our practice. Stay tuned for more updates!


July 2016

Here are some photographs right after we purchased it at the end of July 2016. Almost everything has been cleared out.



Our contractor has ripped out the carpeted floor and deconstructed a lot of the exam rooms. Our hope is to re-purpose some of the materials instead of them ending up in a landfill. You can see room full of sinks for this very purpose.



Walls are being ripped down and the framing is going up in the lab, treatment area an recovery area. Taking down walls has transformed the old office space into a much bigger area for our patients treatment area. The old counter at the reception desk has also been torn down.


September 2016

The framing for new areas is coming along. We have the framework for our new lab as well as a quiet patient recovery room. Patients who are scared and anxious will have a quiet space to feel safe and secure while they are at the hospital. If you look through the new doorway you can see some paint splotches on the wall. If only HGTV could come in to help us with some of these design decisions!!


October 2016

All sorts of activity is happening over at the new building! By the end of this week we should have the rough work for electrical, plumbing, and cabling. We are aiming to have drywall go up the following week. It looks like a disaster over there but as they say, it has to look worse before it looks better. Thank you to all of our clients for the positive words of encouragement about our new location!


December 2016

We have walls!! It finally looks like construction is really underway. Our cabinets should be going up in the new building next week. Stay tuned for more pictures!