Petly is our online Portal for your companion. You can access your companion’s vaccination records as well as request medication and diet food requests. You can also request an appointment through this portal. Sign up today so you can start utilizing this great feature.

Don’t have Petly Page yet? Here’s how you can obtain one:

  1. Click here to go to Petly
  2. Enter the email address you have given us and then hit “Trouble Signing In?” Click link then enter.
  3. This will send you a link to create a new password. (this may take about five minutes)
  4. Save the Petly sign in page under your favorites or you can always use our homepage to sign in.

Common Petly Questions

Q.  I have multiple pets but only see one on the screen?

A.  If you look on the left-hand side next to your first companions picture you will see a tab that says “More Pets” Hover over this and your other companion’s names will appear.  Click on this to get to their individual page.

Q.  I see where I can order a medication refill but how to I order a refill of diet food?

A.  Right now there is not a separate space to re-order diet food but you can type it in on the bottom of the Rx refill request screen under “specific request”.

Q.  How can I change my email settings?

A.  Under the top tab where it says “Hello Name” select from the drop down that says “Manage Account.”  You can change your email preferences as well as opt in for text messaging.

Petly also allows you to:

1.  Request an appointment

2.  View upcoming appointments as well as vaccine that are due.

3.  Access Pet Health Network, a library of helpful information for pet care.

4. View Labwork shared to your pet’s profile.