If you are traveling within or outside the United States, we can help you with your Health Certificate needs.

First steps would be to contact us regarding:

  1. When you are leaving? We will need the exact dates.
  2. Where you are flying from? We will need your current contact information.
  3. Where you are flying to? We need the address of the location you will be staying, whether it be a hotel or a residence.
  4. Which airline you are using? Some airlines have different regulations.
  5. Who is the pet flying with? We need to know the name of the person travelling with them.
  6. Will the pet be in cargo or in the cabin?

It is crucial you contact us as soon as you have the above information. Every country has different requirements for animals coming into the country.

Please visit this website regarding specific needs for your pet while traveling:


Depending on many different factors, there are rules and regulations we need to follow to get your pet to the place it needs to go. You should contact your airline to check what their specific regulations are.

Many parts of this process are time sensitive, so please contact us as soon as possible to start this process.

The best way to contact us is through email: medrecods@northamptonvetclinic.com or to call us at (413) 584-6309. We can discuss scheduling, prices and time sensitive materials at that time.