Who doesn’t love giving a puppy or kitten a smooch. Though we love giving hugs and kisses, we also recognize the importance of having a series of puppy and kitten appointments to start everyone off on the right foot. At your first appointment we will have a veterinarian perform a full physical exam, go over basic training information, give you a new puppy/kitten kit (filled with useful information) and discuss the vaccine schedule for future visits. We will also check a stool sample to look for intestinal parasites (common in puppies and kittens).

At subsequent visits we will make sure your companion is growing appropriately and perform physical exams to check for any abnormalities as well as address any concerns you may have. We also touch upon some additional training tips, show how to perform a nail trim as well as discuss dental home care. Here are examples of our puppy and kitten wellness plans. Please note that every patient is different so this schedule may be adjusted based on your own puppy or kitten’s needs.