We are pleased to offer Cold Laser Therapy for our patients. Laser therapy utilizes light energy to facilitate the reduction of swelling and inflammation. It also decrease pain and accelerate wound healing. We have seen first hand the dramatic improvement of our patients’ conditions after a few, or even one session of laser therapy; this is true for both cats and dogs. After laser therapy our patients experience less pain and demonstrate greater mobility, especially our arthritic and geriatric patients. In addition, utilization of laser therapy post surgery accelerates healing.

LaserTitan-005Most laser therapy protocols start out as twice weekly for a few weeks, and the progress to weekly sessions. Laser therapy can be used chronically every two to four weeks or on an as needed basis. Laser therapy is administered by one of our trained staff members, using one of the most advanced therapeutic laser units available, by Cutting Edge Technologies. Laser therapy appointments are scheduled on Tuesday and Friday late afternoon into evening, but other appointment times are possible.